Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Art of Woody Williams

Charlotte's Greatest Unsung Artist

Woody Williams is one of North Carolina's great unsung artists and musicians. When Anonymoses Dave Beckwith met him, back in 1975, Mr. Williams was already an old hand at both art and music, and Dave was always astonished at how Woody could render things so perfectly with just pen, pencil and pad. Or with a guitar, piano, voice or organ. In 1975, Woody already had notebooks full of art, and scores of songs, which he would sing with his guitar, or belt out of the piano...which was often rigged with thumbtacks on the hammers, to give it a honky-tonk sound.

Thiry years later, Woody Williams is still cranking out art and music, with few, if any, gaps in between. Only now, instead of ragtag instruments, and only a pen or brush, Woody has a music and digital art studio in his home where he continues his studies and creations. He has designed playing cards, NASCAR posters and decals, pennants, banners, CD covers, book covers, webpage graphics, telephone directories, TV station logos, retouched old photos, created a new form of carpet art and more.

In the late 1990's and early 21st Century, Woody Williams and Anonymoses Dave Beckwith teamed up and created "BIGGER THAN THE BEETLES", which, as they said at the time, was "a roving fractal of sound and personnel".

Bigger Than The Beetles reached the USA top 10 on a number of occasions when Woody's hit, "I Want to Feel You" was released. His hit, "Dance with Madona" also reached the top 10, and was the top song in NC for almost a year. Woody also created most of the art. Below are some of the Bigger Than the Beetles' well as a few other things thrown in besides.

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Woody has gone by JaWW, Jaww Graphics, Naked Karma, Jimy Jamz, Techno Taxi, Teknova, Jamzoo, Synthetic Underground, and yet others through the years.

This is some of his work...

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